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19 April 2018

Yotei View / Villa Type 1 vs Villa Type 2

Villa Type 1 … Stands alongside the Shibetsu River, on the Eastern side of Panorama Niseko. Villa Type 2 … Perched on an elevated rise on the Western side of… [read more]

13 April 2018

Protected Mt.Yotei View

Panorama Niseko’s Type 1 Villas rests on the upper ridge of Shiribetsugawa River and holds protected vista of Mt.Yotei. This photo shows what it means to have a “protected” view…. [read more]

6 April 2018


1. Gigantic onsen rig. 2. Sound of a pump’s engine. 3. Water hose connecting the pump and a large container. 4. Steam elevating from the container. From 1 to 4…. [read more]

2 April 2018

It’s all about the panorama

Panorama Niseko. As the name indicates panorama, in other words, what comes into your eyes is very important. Which is why all wiring will be concealed underground. And to conceal… [read more]

28 March 2018

Full house

I’m not referring to the TV drama about the Danny Tanner and his three daughters, nor am I referring to a good hand in the game of poker. Full house… [read more]

24 March 2018

Onsen at 650m and Villa earthworks underway

Panorama Niseko’s hot springs bore is almost complete, and Villa sites are being prepared for foundation works. Beautiful spring weather!  

21 March 2018

Spring Equinox

March 21st.¬†Spring Equinox. “Spring.”¬† If I were to choose one word to describe what today was like, this would be the one. Plus zero temperatures, zero clouds in the sky…. [read more]

10 March 2018

Bluebird and a hive of activity on site!

Beautiful spring weather in Niseko today. Today last snow clearing works took place.

8 March 2018

Onsen at 400m and site snow clearing underway!

The onsen hot springs well is now down to a depth of 400m, with another estimated 300m to go. Snow clearing on Villa Types 2 and 3 is underway, with… [read more]

27 February 2018

Onsen wellbore at 140 meters!

The Panorama Niseko onsen wellbore is at approximately 140 meters on a beautiful bluebird day in Niseko.